Brandon William White

My brother and I have dreams about opening our own bistro someday. I felt that SHATEC was a reputable school and capable of providing us with the necessary skills and knowledge to steer us onto that path. The trainers played a vital role and helped nurture us into young chefs and hotelier professionals. Employers easily identify us as one of their own during interviews.

Brandon William WhiteDiploma in Hotel Management
Viderica Oktaviani Sung, Indonesian

Coming from Indonesia, I find student life at SHATEC very enriching. Be it theory classes or practical lessons, I find myself learning something new every day. The best part is that the trainers are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that we understand the lessons, and we are able to apply the skills we have learnt. I am confident that I am in good hands.

Viderica Oktaviani Sung, IndonesianDiploma in Hotel Management
Celestin Loh

Among the experiences I have acquired during my time at SHATEC, I rate the industrial attachment that I had undergone to be the most memorable. This was made possible because of SHATEC’s intricate network of connections to the local hotels and hospitality establishments which easily helped open doors.

Celestin LohDiploma in Hotel Management
WSQ Advanced Certificate in Food and Beverage Supervision
Denasha Milka Darmawan, Indonesian

Coming from a family who is entrenched in the F&B profession back in Indonesia, it has always been my dream to join SHATEC. In addition to offering a comprehensive range of hospitality programmes, the curriculum is synergized with a good balance of both theory knowledge and hands-on practical lessons.

Denasha Milka Darmawan, IndonesianDiploma in Hotel Management
WSQ Advanced Certificate in Food and Beverage Supervision
Akira Akaoka

SHATEC has the kind of trainers who are not only able to impart critical skills and knowledge but are able to make the lessons enjoyable at the same time. It has been a personal dream of mine to be able to set up my own café someday and run my own business. I have confidence that the culinary education here at SHATEC will help me realize my dream.

Akira AkaokaDiploma in Culinary Skills
Alfian Seow

As an institute with a proven track record for excellence in hospitality studies, I could not have asked for a better place than SHATEC to further my education after completing my ‘O’ Levels. SHATEC helped me discover my latent potential and develop my inner strengths. One of my greatest achievements was clinching the Championship title with my team in the Hospitality Summit 2014. I look forward to scaling even greater heights with SHATEC.

Alfian SeowDiploma in Hotel Management
WSQ Advanced Certificate in Food and Beverage Supervision
Karen Alexis Malaga Tan

If you have heard of the name SHATEC, you would know that this is where today’s famous and successful chefs hail from. At SHATEC, the trainers have pushed me beyond my limits and, in the process, I have acquired new strengths that I never thought I would possess. I have the confidence to go forth from here to carve a niche for myself in the hospitality industry.

Karen Alexis Malaga TanDiploma in Pastry and Baking
Rainer Lim Tian Fu

Before I came here, I always felt there was something different about SHATEC and, overtime, I was right. The journey has proven to be enjoyable, fun and interesting, and I often find myself lost in the magic of live demonstrations by our chefs. I feel that the SHATEC education strikes a good balance between theory and practical as well.

Rainer Lim Tian FuWSQ Higher Certificate in Pastry and Bakery
Samuel Quan

SHATEC has provided me with a holistic student experience from theory to practical to exposure. With the opportunities that SHATEC has provided me, I have had the chance to rub shoulders with some of the best young chefs in the world. In 2014, I was proud to be the sole Singaporean representative at the prestigious 7th ICEX Training Program in Spanish Gastronomy.

Samuel QuanWSQ Higher Certificate in Culinary Arts
Ker Yan Ling

I like how there is a good balance between theory and the learning of practical skills. My tutor, Chef Dennis, also paints a realistic picture of how a commercial kitchen is like, equipping me with the necessary skills and preparing me for the workforce. The SHATEC education is holistic, placing equal emphasis on our character development and important soft skills that contribute to our edge in the industry.

Ker Yan LingWSQ Higher Certificate in Culinary Arts
Choo Hyunjun

When I attended the Bocuse d’Or Compeititon in 2014, I was extremely impressed by the dishes presented by Chef Yew Eng Tong. I later found out that he was a SHATEC alumnus and decided to make SHATEC my school of choice. As a Korean, coming to Singapore was a leap of faith for me but SHATEC has been welcoming and I have made many friends in school. With a good mix of international students in my class, I have also learnt about different cultures and recipes.

Choo HyunjunWSQ Higher Certificate in Culinary Arts
Ow Yong Zhao Xun

Trainers at SHATEC are more than just trainers. They are our mentors, teachers and importantly, our friends. They strike a fair balance between strictness and friendship. My trainer, Chef Pearlin, has helped me strengthen my foundation in the craft. Her candid sharing of her experiences has opened my eyes to the inner mechanics of the pastry and baking industry.

Ow Yong Zhao XunWSQ Higher Certificate in Pastry and Bakery
Mohamed Nurdanial

SHATEC is known to have nurtured and developed some of the best chefs in the industry today. This was the “Wow” factor that made me choose the school. I hope to graduate with skills and knowledge that will help me become part of SHATEC’s illustrious alumni team.

Mohamed NurdanialWSQ Higher Certificate in Culinary Arts
Hilary Ye Zhan Shuo

SHATEC provides a curriculum that carries equal emphasis on both theory and practical. We are also offered learning opportunities through competitions and study trips. These help to make us industry-ready by the time we graduate. The Industry Mentorship Programme @SHATEC is yet another example where we gain exposure to the industry and establish vital connections for our future career pathways.

Hilary Ye Zhan ShuoWSQ Higher Certificate in Culinary Arts