WSQ Diploma in Food Services (Culinary Arts) (TGS-2018503484)


This course is designed to provide students with the essential skills required to kick start a strong career in the Food Services sector as a dedicated culinary professional. Graduates are set out with a strong foundation in culinary techniques, comprehensive knowledge in food and beverage as well as competencies in management and entrepreneurship.

The WSQ Diploma in Food Services (Culinary Arts) is offered as an integrated programme encompassing skills from Certificate, Higher Certificate, Advanced Certificate and Diploma levels. It is the complete training track for the Diploma qualification.

Please contact us at for 2022 intake details.

SHATEC Institutes Pte Ltd (UEN: 198301550C) is an appointed CET Centre by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) for courses supported by SkillsFuture Credits (SFC) / funded by SSG. The funding support period for WSQ Diploma in Food Services (Culinary Arts) is 3 December 2019 to 2 December 2022.

Programme Structure

Programme Schedule 

Intake Course Run Date1 Application Deadline for International Students
January 2022 10 January 2022 – 9 July 2023 12 November 2021
May 2022 9 May 2022 – 5 November 2023 11 March 2022
September 2022 5 September 2022 – 3 March 2024 8 July 2022

1Commencement dates may be subjected to change. Kindly contact Student Administration at for more information.

Mode of Study

Full Time

The average teacher-to-student ratio is 1:36 for theory lessons and 1:18 for practical lessons.

Assessment Framework

Theory and practical examinations, practical exercises, presentations, written assignments, projects and class participation.

Duration and Structure

18 months consisting of:

12-month Institutional Training

Students will be expected to complete 38 skills under 19 learning units. The programme consists of approximately 30 instructional hours per week spread over 3 semesters. Each semester is 13 weeks in duration, excluding exam and break weeks.

Applicants who have successfully completed a preceding course in WSQ Certificate / Higher Certificate / Advanced Certificate in Food Services (Culinary Arts) may be eligible for exemptions in relevant subjects and as such complete the institutional training in less than 12 months.

6-month Industrial Attachment

The industrial attachment component combines practical training with hands-on experience that will prepare students well in future careers in the tourism industry.

Students will be placed with approved industry training partners to acquire work experience and a monthly training allowance will be provided during the period of attachment.


Diploma in Food Services (Culinary Arts) awarded by SkillsFuture Singapore.

Programme Outline

Certificate Level (TGS-2020513488)

  1. Food Hygiene
    • Food Safety Course Level 1
  2. Basic Skills for Kitchen Operations
    • Demonstrate Basic Knife Skills
    • Receive and Store Products
    • Maintain Safe and Secure Working Environments
    • Prepare Western Cold Sauces
  3. Professional Development 1
    • Project a Positive and Professional Image

Higher Certificate Level (TGS-2020513081)

  1. Fundamentals of Western Cooking
    • Prepare Equipment and Ingredients
    • Prepare Western Foundation Sauces
    • Prepare Basic Western Stocks and Soups
  2. Principles of Western Cooking
    • Prepare Fish and Seafood for Cooking
    • Prepare Basic Western Egg and Dairy Products
    • Demonstrate Basic Dry Heat Cooking Methods
    • Demonstrate Basic Moist Heat Cooking Methods
    • Prepare Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts and Mushrooms
    • Prepare Basic Western Grains and Legumes
    • Prepare Cold Plates and Garnishes
  3. Restaurant Service Skills for Chefs
    • Interact and Serve Food and Beverage Customers
    • Prepare for Service (Mise En Place)
    • Provide Go-the-Extra-Mile Service

Advanced Certificate Level (TGS-2020513583)

  1. Advanced Culinary Techniques
    • Demonstrate Advanced Dry Heat Cooking Techniques
    • Demonstrate Advanced Moist Heat Cooking Techniques
    • Demonstrate Sous Vide Method
  2. Food Quality Management
    • Conduct Food and Beverage Hygiene Audits
    • Supervise Quality Procedures
  3. Pastry and Baking Techniques
    • Demonstrate Baking Techniques, Mixing Methods, and Piping Skills
    • Prepare Sweet and Savoury Fillings, Sauces and Creams
  4. Food Nutrition
    • Understand Nutritional Knowledge and Dietary Requirements
  5. Communication Skills
    • Facilitate Effective Communication and Engagement at the Workplace
  6. Professional Development 2
    • Develop Self to Maintain Professional Competence at Supervisory Level
  7. Practicum

Diploma Level (TGS-2018503484)

  1. Specialty Cuisines
    • Prepare Various Types of Cuisines
    • Prepare Advanced Western Salads and Garnishes
  2. Specialty Pastries and Desserts
    • Prepare Dry Heat and Moist Heat Asian Desserts
    • Bake for Health
  3. Restaurant Concepts
    • Apply Food and Beverages Concepts and Set-up
  4. Food Production Management
    • Supervise Food Production
    • Maintain Inventories
  5. Food and Beverage Cost Controls for Chefs
    • Manage Cost and Quality Controls
  6. Problem Solving Skills for Managers
    • Solve Problems and Make Decisions at Managerial Level
Entry Requirements
WSQ Diploma Food Services (Culinary Arts) (DFC) Entry Requirements

(Singaporeans / Singapore PR / International Applicant)

  • Minimum 2 GCE ‘N’ Level / Any WSQ Certificate in Food Services (Culinary Arts)1 / Qualifications of equivalent standard
  • Successful Interview2
  • At least one of the following proficiency levels in English3:
    • Pass in GCE ‘N’ Level English
    • Band 5.0 in IELTS
    • Minimum score of 61 points (internet-based total) in TOEFL
    • Pass in SHATEC English Test
    • Pass in Certificate in Basic and Hospitality English / Certificate in Hospitality English

1Applicants who have successfully completed a preceding course in WSQ Certificate / Higher Certificate / Advanced Certificate in Food Services (Culinary Arts) may be eligible for exemptions in relevant subjects and as such complete the institutional training in less than 12 months.

2Interviewmay be waived for applicants who has successfully completed any preceding WSQ Certificate level(s).

3A pass in any preceding WSQ Certificate level(s) will also be recognized as fulfilment of English proficiency requirements.

Programme Fees

Course Fee

Description Singaporean /

Singapore PR /

LTVP+ Holders9

Full Course Fee (before GST) $19,938.00 $19,938.00
SSG Grant5 $13,956.60 N.A.
Nett Course Fee (before GST) $5,981.40 $19,938.00
7% GST on Nett Course Fee $418.70 $1,395.66
Total Course Fee Payable6,7,10 $6,400.10 $21,333.66
Additional Funding if eligible under Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy (MES)8 $3,987.60 N.A.
Total Nett Course Fee Payable, Including GST, after additional funding from MES10 $2,412.50 N.A.

5Singaporeans and Singapore PRs will be eligible for up to 70% SSG funding. A minimum 6-month retention in the industry is recommended as part of the obligation for enjoying this funding. Funding is subjected to SSG’s prevailing corporate policies and final approval. 

6Course fee payable include essential training items.

7Singaporeans may also utilize available funds within their Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) or SkillsFuture Credits (where applicable) to offset total net course fee payable. All Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit from the government to pay for a wide range of approved skills-related courses. Visit the SkillsFuture Credit website to choose from the courses available on the SkillsFuture Credit course directory.

8The SkillsFuture MES is for Singaporeans aged 40 years old and above.

9Training support will be extended to Long Term Visit Pass Plus (LTVP+) Holders with effect from 1 October 2021. The LTVP+ scheme applies to lawful foreign spouses of Singapore Citizens (SCs) with (i) at least one SC child or are expecting one from the marriage, or at least three years of marriage, and (ii) where the SC sponsor is able to support the family. LTVP+ holders will be identified with their green visit pass cards, with the word ‘PLUS’ on the back of the card.

10NTUC members enjoy 50% unfunded course fee support for up to $250 each year when they sign up for courses supported under UTAP (Union Training Assistance Programme). NTUC members from 40 years and above enjoy up to $500 per year. For more information and terms and conditions, please refer to

Miscellaneous Fees11

Description When Payable Amount13 (incld. GST)
Singaporean /

Singapore PR /

LTVP+ Holders

Application Fees Upon application
130.00 350.00
iPASS Upon admission
NA 400.00
SHATEC English Test12 Upon   admission
(if applicable)
Re-Admission Fees Upon   admission
(if applicable)
(per theory assessment)
Upon registration of Re-Exam 107.00
(per practical assessment)
Tutorial (2-hour block) 214.00

(107.00 per additional hour)

Computer Lab / Mock-up Guest Room Based Practical Practice (2-hour block) Upon registration of Practical Practice 26.75

(16.05 per additional hour)

Review / Remarking of Examination Paper
(per theory assessment)
Upon registration for review / remarking 53.50
Late Payment Fee Upon exceeding the instalment due date 1% per month on amount outstanding, payable together with the amount outstanding
Replacement of Student ID Upon provision of service 5.35
Replacement of Practicum / Industrial Attachment Log Book 10.70

11Miscellaneous fees refer to any non-compulsory and non-standard fees which the student will pay only where applicable. Miscellaneous fees are generally out of pocket expenses which cannot be offset by PSEA or SkillsFuture Credits.

12SHATEC English Test is only registered where the student does not fulfil the English requirements required by SHATEC during application.

13All prices quoted are accurate at time of print but may be subjected to changes without notice.

Student Administration

Tel: (65) 6415 3510 / 519 / 528 / 554

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