Mentor: Mr. Nicholas Lim, Managing Director of The Travel Corporation (Asia)

Mentee: Chester Tia, WSQ Diploma in Tourism, SHATEC 

Nicholas is an established professional in global travel and tourism, and the Managing Director of The Travel Corporation (Asia). His mentee, Chester (2015 intake), currently works in the tourism sector, managing customer experiences and tour developments with Changi Travel Services.

Making a Difference in the Booming Tourism Industry

On the recommendations of his trainers in school, Chester made strides in his first foray into Tourism, with a transformative learning journey through the Industry Mentorship Programme at SHATEC (IMPS).

Under the leadership and guidance of his mentor, Nicholas Lim, Managing Director of The Travel Corporation (Asia), Chester was able to gain valuable experiences in the tourism industry, and expand his connections in the sector.

By the end of the programme, Chester achieved what he set out to do – and more. He discovered a passion to cultivate his expertise in the dynamic tourism industry and forged a strong friendship with Nicholas.

Empowering Youths Through a Legacy of Mentorship

Nicholas’s affection for the travel industry began at a very young age when he and his mother would take a flight out to visit his father working in Kuala Lumpur. A chance experience as a child where he donned his Christmas hat and greeted people at the doors also left an indelible impression on him.

Many years down the road, despite being a busy professional who oversees the strategic growth of his organisation across all markets and segments, Nicholas’s passion for travel and tourism never waned. In fact, upon his knowledge of IMPS, Nicholas, a ‘96 SHATEC graduate himself with a Diploma in Tourism Studies, rose to the challenge.

He shared: “It’s not every day that we have a mentorship programme of this scale, where students can gain access to industry leaders and receive direct guidance from the stalwarts. As a SHATEC alumnus, there is no bigger incentive than enriching the experiences of youths, and watching them develop into pillars of the industry.”

Soaring to Greater Heights

Nicholas commended his mentee, Chester, for his enthusiasm and desire to learn. Through IMPS, Nicholas has helped Chester develop clarity in his career pursuits, and even encouraged him to further his studies upon graduation. Eventually, Chester took on a Bachelor’s degree to cement his knowledge in Tourism, Events Management, and Public Relations.

Now playing an active role in the tourism industry, Chester wants to correct the misconception that tourism is only about “tour guides leading people with flags”. There are diverse and exciting roles in the sector, and he is proud to be a part of it.

Said Chester: “Nicholas has taught me so much about the industry and helped opened opportunities for me. He has been a strong role model for me. I greatly respect him and his advice. I wish to become a mentor with IMPS one day, so I can give back to this programme that has greatly benefitted me.”