Deepening Your Skills with SkillsFuture Study Award at SHATEC

With growing demands for the chef to assume multiple roles from operational to management, it is no wonder that nowadays more individuals, be it young or old, are looking for courses to upskill themselves continually in an effort to remain ahead of competition.

SHATEC officially launched the Diploma in Culinary Skills (DCS) in part-time study mode , hand-in-hand with the “SPRING Singapore SkillsFuture Study Award for Food Services Sector” by SkillsFuture Singapore (formerly known as Singapore Workforce Development Agency) in the last quarter of 2016. The programme, spanning 8.5 months, covers a comprehensive mix of management modules, theoretical studies as well as advanced practical trainings, to level up trainees’ leadership competencies in addition to professional capabilities. The first intake, which commenced on 4 October 2016, counted 17 trainees who are currently working in the hotel, F&B and healthcare industries. In response to overwhelming demand for the programme, SHATEC launched a second run within 6 months, welcoming the second batch of DCS part-timers on 18 April 2017.

What is the one thing that both batches of students feel in common about the programme? They felt that the programme serves as an essential course for personal development.

“Having the chance to upgrade myself through SkillsFuture Study Award is the best thing that has happened to me, I am able to learn from basics which strengthens my foundational knowledge about cooking and in the process, reskill myself.”
– Mr Tan Boon Hwa Central Kitchen Manager, CK Seafood Pte Ltd

Boon Hwa has 30 years of experience under his belt, but he has never been professionally trained.  Thus, he saw this as an opportunity to improve his skills and knowledge.

“As the lessons are conducted in English language, I need to find means and ways to overcome language barriers as English is not the language I use with ease regularly. Now, I will try to converse more in English and uses a mobile application to help myself along.”
– Mr Ang Hock Ann Junior Sous Chef, Malaysian Food Street, Resorts World Sentosa

Hock Ann may only be Chinese-educated but that did not deter his decision to study in SHATEC where the lessons are mostly conducted in English. In addition to learning the skills, he sees his improved proficiency in English as one of the ways to keep up with the rapid transformation in the F&B industry.

“The trainers go into details to ensure that we understand the theories. I have benefited from modules such as food costing, kitchen organisation and communication with staff. With better communication skills, I am able to delegate work to my staff professionally.”
– Mr Koh Boon Chiang Jonathan Part-Time Dispatch, Food Panda

Jonathan was a SHATEC student 10 years ago, but he did not complete his studies. He is glad to reconnect with SHATEC again and close all the gaps in his skills as a chef. This time round, he is set to achieve what he did not back then – a Diploma qualification.

“My industry outlook is very much broadened with the new knowledge and skill sets acquired. I am confident of adapting and exceling in an environment that is ever-changing with minimum difficulty.”
– Mr Wong Yew Tuck Senior Butcher, Indoguna Singapore

Yew Tuck saw the opportunity offered by SHATEC and SkillsFuture Study Award, he jumped at the opportunity. He felt that at his age, it is important for him to upgrade himself when he has the chance.

With additional support from the government, it has made advancing of skills possible for everyone without putting a strain on their finances.

“With this Diploma, I will be able to gain more knowledge on staff management to lead my team well. It will also help in bringing me confidence and provide better prospects for my career path. ”
– Mr Mohammad Faisal Bin Yahya Sous Chef, Fratelli – Trattoria • Pizzeria, Resort World Sentosa

Faisal did not have an opportunity to enrol earlier due to financial reasons. Currently a father of 2, the SkillsFuture Study Award has enabled him to upgrade without additional financial burden to his family.

Besides attending the programme for personal development purpose, the trainees also felt that the skills and knowledge learnt will benefit the company. Employers are encouraged to “invest” in staff training by providing information on available funding and planning shifts which can accommodate class schedules. Trainees also shared their appreciation towards supportive employers and their motivation to “go the extra mile” at work.

“I have always wanted to pursue a full qualification in culinary skills back then during my schooling days but was restricted by financial capability. Now with the support of my employer and the SkillsFuture Study Award initiative, I am able to fulfil my dream without any second thought!”
– Mr Raymond Chang Sous Chef, Feng Shui Inn, Resorts World Sentosa

Raymond is an avid learner who has obtained a WSQ Diploma in F&B Management 3 years ago. Now, with support from both the government and employer, he is able to equip himself with a full qualification in culinary skills without financial worries. His employer’s encouragement for him to upgrade himself is a morale booster for him and he look forward to the next phase of his career with new skills to contribute to the team.

“With this upgrading opportunity, I believe I will possess a solid knowledge on culinary theory skills. I hope with improved knowledge, I will be able to share it with my chefs so that they come to work with new skills to learn every day.”
– Mr Liong Kok Chong   Executive Chef, Rasel Catering Singapore

Kok Chong has more than 15 years of experience in the industry, but he continues to upgrade himself in an effort to create a learning environment for his staff. Indeed, the lifelong path of learning continues long after one has graduated from school.

As our part-time programme has been beneficial to our students, they are in turn urging other fellow chefs to follow in their footsteps.

“Coming to school once again not only broaden my knowledge, but also allows me to meet new people. As we come from the same industry, we often share ideas and exchange tips so these contribute to the learning process as well.”
– Mr Nicholas Chua Chiu Yang Senior Chef De Partie, OverEasy @ Orchard

Nicholas shares that he would recommend the programme to his colleagues and service staff so that they will have a better understanding on the composition of the dishes and how to improve workflow in a commercial kitchen. Employability is key to thriving in the F&B industry.

“A few months into the course, and I have gained exposure into culinary domains previously unknown to me, such as pastry and western food preparations. I also find myself understanding operations in a professional kitchen better which helps me manage work more efficiently with my colleagues now.”
– Mr Henry Hoe Ying Jie Chef, RE&S Enterprises Pte Ltd

Henry says that chefs with basic knowledge should join the programme as the curriculum is bound to enhance their knowledge. He added that it is refreshing to return to school after more than 10 years.

Diploma in Culinary Skills (Part-Time)

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