“WOW” Your Guests!


This series of four (4) bite-sized modules is specially designed to introduce the art of hospitality service to members of the hospitality industry from frontline staff to back of the house personnel. From insights on the service mindset, competencies for application, to embracing service values, these series of modules will equip participants with comprehensive skill sets for providing the “WOW” service, any time, any place.

Each module will incorporate the key insights, toolkits for applying the key competencies, and practice sessions for reinforcement of skill sets covered.

Who should attend?

This course is beneficial and useful to hotel staff in any position, be they from the front office, food and beverage operations, housekeeping or back-of-the-house personnel. 

Learning Outcome

When you apply what you learned at work, you will:

  • Acquire deeper insights into the field of guest service and experience in the hospitality industry
  • Create positive and memorable impressions with your guests through professional etiquette
  • Make your guests feel valued and special through your professional presence
  • Increase personal and organisational engagement with your guests through the art of communication and effective telephone techniques
  • Win back your unhappy guests by righting your service
Course Structure

Course Duration & Structure

Each session is 4 hours and comprises of 2 modules.

Kindly refer to the CET Programme Calendar or contact our friendly course consultants for the course schedule.


Discussion, case studies, role-plays, video discussions or story telling


Each participant will receive a Certificate of Participation from SHATEC upon full attendance of each module.

Course Outline

Engage Your Guest – The Art of Service Communication


  • Guest Engagement: Art Of Service Communication
  • Guidelines For Communicating With Guests
  • Listening Vs. Hearing
  • Attentive Service: Details Count!
Beyond Just Service – Anticipate Guests Needs
  • Walking The Extra Mile In Service Delivery
  • Understanding Unexpressed Needs
  • Techniques Of Providing Anticipatory Service
Right Your Service: Service Breakdowns & Recovery
  • Service Breakdowns: What, When, How & Why
  • Guests’ Responses During Service Breakdowns
  • Guests’ Expectations Of Service Recovery
  • Right The Service – Techniques Of Service Recovery
Right Your Service: Winning Back The Unhappy Guests
  • An Anatomy Of The Unhappy Guest
  • Perspective Taking – In The Shoes Of The Unhappy Guest
  • Strategies To Win Back The Unhappy Guests
Course Fee
Fee per session  Fee for subsequent sessions
Full Course Fee Per Person, Incl. GST $150.00 $135.00

Each session is 4 hours and includes one refreshment break.

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