8th Training Program in Spanish Gastronomy – Teo Jun Xiang DCS-09-14U

SHATEC student, Teo Jun Xiang (DCS-09-14U), flew the Singapore flag high at the International Tapas Competition in Spain, Valladolid by clinching the CHAMPIONSHIP title with his original tapas creation ‘3 en 1. Arroz zamorano chorizo con patatas y huevo’ (3 in 1 Zamora rice, chorizo ​​with potatoes and egg)!



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Earlier in March this year, Jun Xiang was the only candidate shortlisted from Singapore to take part in the 8th edition of the prestigious Training Programme in Spanish Gastronomy, organised by ICEX Spain Trade and Investment and Fernando Perez International School of Culinary Arts.

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During the 5-month long Spanish gastronomy training programme, Jun Xiang and 11 other finalists hailing from 9 other countries, completed 6 weeks of intensive training on Spanish language and Spanish gastronomy, 13 weeks of internship at top restaurants in Spain, 2 weeks of travel around Spain and finally concluded the programme by presenting their best tapas creation at the 7th International Tapas Competition. Jun Xiang bested finalists from Canada, China, Ireland, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America with his winning tapas by impressing a panel of judges formed by some of the world’s most notable culinary experts including including Chef Oriol Castro (El Bulli Lab).

Also worthy of mention, this is the second year in the running which saw a SHATEC trainee representing Singapore in the prestigious Training Programme in Spanish Gastronomy. In 2014, Samuel Quan from HCA-05-13B was shortlisted as one of 12 finalists worldwide and clinched 5thplace despite being the youngest and only trainee without professional experience in the team (http://www.foodswinesfromspain.com/spanishfoodwine/global/chefs-training/chefs-pastry-chefs-chocolatiers/more-about-chefs/icex-internatinal-tapas-competition.html)


Congratulations to both Jun Xiang and Samuel for their remarkable achievements and calling out to all culinary enthusiasts who aspire to join their ranks! Fire up your dreams with SHATEC because you can be the next success story too!

Catch highlights of Jun Xiang’s victory here!